Social media is not a media. The key is to listen, engage, and build relationships.”

Social Media App Development

We develop interactive social media applications that help businesses reach their audience and engage with them enough to ignite conversations. The social app is a platform combined with technologies designed on both iPhone and Android that facilitates the creation of sharing of information and users can build their relationship with the people, ideas, and career interest.

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"Social" is a customer-centric application. In this application, a user can communicate with other users & also users can convert their accounts to a business account in which they can add products. Social also has the charity provision where users can create charity events and share them on the profile stories as well as users can also see analytics based on the business user accounts payment and via graphical charts.

Furthermore, User can add their story. Story's will be automatically removed within 24 hours, or users can also reply or share their stories with other users and also add to highlights. In this application, Users can also listen, upload, or delete the music on the application as well there is a Next TV in which the users can upload their content on Next Televisions.

In this application, there are two modules:

  • Customer Interface
  • Admin Interface

Customer Interface

  • User can create/view video, add/ view stories, add new posts, share pictures, videos or igtv video.
  • User can create groups or chat with each other
  • User can create charity events and boost/promote their posts.
  • Users can convert their account to a business account in which they can add product and view product description.
  • Like, comment and share the post.
  • User can follow, block each other.
  • Upload and delete the music.
  • View subscription packages for business account.
  • Report accounts, product and music.
  • Advertisement users can Add/update/delete the advertisement

Admin interface

  • Admin login
  • View all the list of users, business user, charity user, Affiliate marketing User.
  • Create business subscription packages and set their fee.
  • Accept or reject sponsored posts
  • Accept or reject charity events.
  • View all the list of charity events
  • View all the list of payments.
  • Add new categories
  • Set pricing list of products.
  • View report account, product and music and have provision to delete the reported products, music and account as well